About Partners

Partners in the project are regional NGOs with 20 years of experience in assisting victims of domestic violence (The Center for Mediation and Community Security Foundation) and entrepreneurship education foundation (Corona Foundation) and a Norwegian NGO Hedda Association with expertise in presenting good practices in the field of domestic violence in Norway. The project brings into partnership the coordinating agency of the national strategy on preventing and combating domestic violence, the National Agency for Gender Equality, with a role in monitoring and informing all county and local institutions regarding the implementation of the provisions of the Istanbul Convention.


For the success of the intervention and the full coverage of the action area, the project includes a consistent activity to promote the intervention model that capitalizes on the direct contact with the local / county public authorities, public and private institutions, other factors of interest from the rural and small urban areas in the 4 counties. All dissemination levers, points and factors of interest, resource persons, opinion leaders at local level, etc., who can promote and disseminate information at the level of potential beneficiaries, will be identified and engaged. The result of the promotion actions also contributes to the empowerment of local communities towards the phenomenon of domestic violence.