Reception and assistance of victims

Servicing the space targeted by the project and facilitating the access to services of the beneficiaries are ensured through the accessibility measures developed by the project, namely:

  • the establishment of a reception point dedicated to the persons victims of domestic and gender-based violence with the role of a reception and emotional support service, at the level of the 4 forensic services in the targeted counties, this service being practically the place where they reach / to which the victims are directed in major risk, the main source of referral of the victims at the level of the project’s space of action;
  • the establishment of a counselling center for the prevention and combating of domestic violence within which integrated services will be offered to this category of vulnerable persons: psychological, family, social, parental, counseling and legal assistance, individual/group therapy;
  • development within the counseling center for preventing and combating domestic violence of a mobile service acting in the area targeted by the project – rural and small urban areas in the 4 counties, including the development of a free telephone assistance service (helplines) and facilities for online access to services;
  • delivery of occupational services – information, counseling, personal development and mediation, training services, entrepreneurial development in the proximity of the living space of the victims, in safe and secure environments for the beneficiaries;
  • implementation of measures to secure the housing spaces of the beneficiaries at risk of maximum uncertainty.

In order to ensure the quality of services and the success of the integrated intervention model, adapted to the multiple and complex needs of the beneficiaries, the implementation of the program is planned in stages, with a first phase of implementation at the level of Iasi County carried out during the first year of the project.

The extension of the intervention model at the level of Bacau, Vaslui and Neamt counties, after the first 12 months of the project, is made with the integration of the measures of improvement, adjustment, correlation, adaptation of methods, tools, procedures and working practices resulting from the continuous process of monitoring and evaluation (a) of the program implementation at the level of Iasi County, actions ensured by the study carried out in the project on the mapping of the current state and the potential of the administrative sources of data on domestic and gender-based violence in the project area.




This service is designed to make it easier for people facing domestic and gender-based violence in rural and small urban areas to access it in order to get out of the crisis situation and improve the quality of life with positive effects in order to prevent and reduce the phenomenon of domestic violence.

WHO can benefit from the free services?

Priority to victims and/or child witnesses/victims of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse.

Services offered free of charge:

  • Specific medical services of forensic diagnosis in cases of physical trauma or sexual violence and rape;
  • Initial assessment and social and psychological counseling, complementary to the provision;
  • Information and guidance/case reference to the specialized service within the CMSC Foundation.