About Promoter

The project is innovative due to the integrated nature of the intervention – by joining in the consortium five key partners having as promoter the Institute of Legal Medicine Iasi, with the role of coordinating all forensic services in the NE region, which is the main source of reception and reference of cases of domestic and sexual violence in rural areas.

The Institute of Forensic Medicine Iasi is a public sanitary institution, being under the administrative subordination of the Ministry of Health. IML was created as an institution with legal personality in 2001, detached from the National Institute of Legal Medicine “Mina Minovici”, and is ISO accredited since 2008.

The organizational chart of the institution includes 6 departments, namely: forensic prosecture, clinical forensic medicine, histopathology, serology, toxicology, accounting. The Institute has competence over the entire region of Moldova, permanently collaborating with other forensic institutions in the country and abroad, as well as with other institutions that ensure legal and social aspects, such as the police, the prosecutor’s office, the court, the courts and other health units.

More about IML Iasi on www.imliasi.ro