About Project

The project aims to facilitate the access of people victims of domestic and gender abuse and violence from rural and small urban areas in Iasi, Vaslui, Bacau and Neamt counties to integrated quality services in order to get out of the crisis situation and improve the quality of life with positive effects in order to prevent and reduce the phenomenon of domestic violence.

The project provides quality integrated services, multidisciplinary approaching the issue of domestic and gender-based violence, incorporating specific measures of SOCIAL, MEDICAL, EDUCATIONAL, EDUCATIONAL, OCCUPATIONAL AND HOUSING ASSISTANCE for 550 people (adults and children) victims of domestic and gender-based violence in rural and small urban areas in Iasi, Vaslui, Bacau and Neamt counties, covering an area of 250 local communities where such services are missing or insufficient.

The project aims to improve the framework for cooperation and coordination of local public and private services involved in the integrated approach to domestic and gender violence issues on the entire spectrum of prevention – protection – monitoring through information actions, training, transfer of good practices, from Norway and Romania, development of joint working practices with 450 professionals and volunteers from Iasi counties,  Vaslui, Bacău and Neamt who work or interact with the victims in order to facilitate access to quality services.

Project start date: 01.03.2021

Total value of the project: 1.226.252 euro